The CMC Family

Our students come from various parts of the United States, Latin America and other countries of the world and although they represent different backgrounds, cultures and languages, they form a close-knit family.

Social life plays an important part in the development of Christian character and self-assurance. CMC seeks to provide a well- balanced program of social events for the student body.


We are a community that offers support and healing for people struggling in various areas of their spiritual life. A redemptive process of counseling and guidance is available to those students who genuinely desire restoration as they continue with their commitment to the CMC community.

School devotions are held every morning Monday through Friday at 7:25 a.m. – 7:45 a.m. in the Chapel. This time is set aside for the student body and visitors to spend time in prayer and meditation in preparation for the day.

Every Tuesday night at 9:00 pm is designated as dorm devotional time. Since the dormitories become the student’s home and family life, these devotions are directed by the Dorm Pastors.

Student Ministries

Community Outreach
A ministry that consists of serving the inner city of San Antonio, Helotes, and local churches through volunteer work such as street and park cleanups, food bank volunteers, neighborhood cleanup or grocery delivery, construction or painting in local churches.
Street Ministry
This ministry involves witnessing to people, one on one, of all ages, cultures, ethnicities, and social status’ in different areas of San Antonio using different methods to reach people for Christ and then connecting them with local churches. Individuals interested should be willing to speak to people about the gospel.
Childrens Ministry
A ministry that consists of individuals who have a passion for children of different backgrounds and consists of ministering through skits, songs, games, and preaching in church services, children’s homes, and outreaches.
Media Ministry
A ministry that involves running the media booth in the chapel and developing video clips through video footage, pictures, recordings, and interviews in order to minister to the non-churched, congregations, chapel services, promotion, college days, and video yearbooks.
Sound Ministry
A ministry that runs the sound system for chapel and school events in order to provide necessary support for services and events.
Recruitment Ministry
The recruitment ministry represents CMC in churches and at various events within the region and districts of CMC.

“We will not turn back. We dedicate ourselves to unity and we will leave no one behind.”-CMC Declaration