The Call to Greatness

There is a call to greatness upon this generation. But it isn’t defined by money, possessions, positions or selfish living. What is greatness? Look at the life of Christ. What makes him so great? Jesus never wrote a book; not even one chapter of the Bible. He never ran for office or led his nation. Jesus never commanded an army or did acts of bravery on the battlefield. Yet he is the most quoted and followed leader in history. In other words, Jesus took a completely different path to greatness.

Jesus took the pathway of selfless service. God’s word confronts us with powerful truths about service. First of all, “Jesus Christ laid down his life for us” (1 John 3:16a). That means that he chose to live and die in obedience to the Father in order to save us. Second, the Bible says that “we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers” (1 John 3:16b). Our salvation is only the first step. Christ wants us to also be like him. That’s why he still calls us today to serve others just as he served us.

CMC is a place to prepare those who have answered the call to serve. It is more than a pathway for success. It will put you on the true road to greatness.

Monte Madsen


The amount of debt each CMC student will graduate with.
The number of missions trips CMC has embarked on in the past 3 years, both domestic and overseas.
The number of CMC graduates from 1928 – 2012!

4 Year, Biblical Higher Eductation

CMC equips students in the following areas for the calling God has placed upon their life.

Spiritual Emphasis

“We purpose to seek God with an intense passion and to strive today to take steps of faith towards personal and corporate revival.”

Biblical Foundation

“We will discipline ourselves to study, to pray, and to serve.”


“We will not accept mediocrity in our spiritual advancement.”