100% of CMC Students
Graduate Debt Free

Christ Mission College understands the utmost importance of fulfilling God’s call and pursuing HIS mission.  This can be done more effectively without the added stress of a financial burden and debt. We believe that God is faithful and supplies the needs of His children when they walk in responsible stewardship of their finances and are obedient to His call.  We encourage the discipline of saving, and welcome financial gifts from the local church, family, and friends who desire to support our students as they prepare for ministry.

Our students are able to pay off their debt semesterly and graduate debt-free. We believe graduating debt free is essential for students who are preparing to launch out into the call that God has placed on their lives.

Tuition$3,059.44$3, 059.44
General Fee$260.00$260.00
Technology Fee$260.00$260.00
Refrigerator Fee (opt.)$40.00N/A
Auto Registration$20.00$20.00
Total$5, 938.16$3, 599.44
  • CMC’s tuition rates are about one-third of what many colleges charge.
  • We offer financial aid in the form of internal scholarships, donor sponsorships, and through the CMC work-study program.
  • CMC also offers deferred payment plans, so a student’s full tuition, room, and board amount is not due at registration.
  • CMC also accepts Veteran’s Benefits and most Private Scholarships