Student Life 

Christ Mission College values Christ-centered friendships and fellowship. Throughout the semester, CMC’s Student Council organizes events that provide opportunities for camaraderie on campus, and the city of San Antonio is an ideal location that offers many options for leisure, entertainment, and dining.

Sound and Media ministry gives you the opportunity to learn more in detail about: camera, sound, media, and lights. Each student has the opportunity to run the sound system for chapel and school events, also be involve in running the media booth in the chapel and developing video clips through video footage, pictures, recordings, and interviews to minister to the non-churched, congregations, chapel services, promotion, college days, and video yearbooks.

Community Outreach Ministry consists in serving the inner city of San Antonio, Helotes, and local churches through volunteer work such as street and park cleanups, food bank volunteers, neighborhood cleanup or grocery delivery, construction or painting in local churches, evangelism downtown San Antonio.

Children’s Ministry consists of students who have a passion for children of different backgrounds and consists of ministering through skits, songs, games, and preaching in church services, children’s homes, and outreaches. At the same time they have the opportunity to serve our community by tutoring children’s at a school.

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Chapel takes place at the Sunshine Ball Chapel Building, located on the northern side of the campus grounds, at 11 AM every weekday with the exception of Tuesday.