Student Life 

Christ Mission College values Christ-centered friendships and fellowship. Throughout the semester, CMC’s Student Council organizes events that provide opportunities for camaraderie on campus, and the city of San Antonio is an ideal location that offers many options for leisure, entertainment, and dining.

Student Council

The purpose of Student Council is to give students an opportunity to develop leadership by organizing and carrying our school activities and projects.

Student Council is a committee of class representatives. The students at CMC share ideas and interests with the student body and administration.

Many students gain leadership skills through Student Council and grow in different areas in their lives.

Dorm Life

Dorm Pastors, Resident Assistants


Hora Quieta


Missions Prayer

Student Ministries

CMC’s primary objective is the equipping of individuals to enter worldwide Christian service. Therefore, student ministries compliment academics with essential practical training opportunities in Christian service. Students at CMC are encouraged to put their learning into practice through personal ministry. CMC is fortunate to have many churches cooperate by providing students a place for internship and practical experience.

Discipleship Groups

At Christ Mission College, we allow students to grow deeper into their relationship with Christ through Discipleship. It has been a foundational experience for each student. jikenajbfie bhiowkso to theoqafnd belmaienf