Our Mission

CMC passionately develops a student’s God-given potential in a process of Biblical higher education and practical experience for sacrificial service in the church and community to expand God’s kingdom in the world with the Holy Spirit’s power.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see CMC dare to dream big to fulfill the dreams of a new generation of ministers by forging ahead to achieve Initial Accreditation within three years, enlarging our enrollment to 150 students, extending our scholarship opportunities, expending our efforts to significantly upgrade the campus, expanding the community of participating churches to include more scope and diversity, and excelling across Texas and the U.S. as a quality school offering affordable practical ministry training that will deploy our graduates without debt into service in the church and community.

Our Purpose

CMC recognizes the imperative of preparing Christian workers to complete the Great Commission (Mark 16:15; Matthew 28:19-20). Our primary purpose is to provide baccalaureate level Church Ministry training at a central campus to qualified Hispanics and other diverse believers who desire to fulfill the mission of God in service to the church and community throughout the world. Our Church Ministry training is approached through sacrificial service, involvement in practical face-to-face ministry and the application of biblical principles and patterns. CMC seeks to train ministers for the Assemblies of God as well as other evangelical churches while maintaining a quality program following guidelines of the Alliance for Assemblies of God Higher Education (AAGHE) and of the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE).

Our Declaration

We are Christ Mission College (CMC) and this is our Declaration: We purpose to seek God with an intense passion and to strive today to take steps of faith towards personal and corporate revival. Those who have come before us have passed the torch of God’s plans for CMC. We take that torch to stand as examples of God’s divine purpose and allow its flames to burn down the strongholds of anxiety, shame, bitterness, envoy, strife, jealousy, selfishness, gossiping and negativity. We will not be content to accept mediocrity in our spiritual advancement. We refuse to allow our circumstances to defeat us. We are determined to press forward. We will take up the armor of God to fight God’s battles. We will discipline ourselves to study, to pray, and to serve. We pledge our total submission to God’s will. We will not turn back. We dedicate ourselves to unity and we will leave no one behind. Today’s passion of pursuing God’s dwelling place will birth the supernatural and a vision for victory! Let it be said in years to come that one day, today, God’s people, at CMC, assembled for war, drew up the battle lines and cried out in a loud voice “WE WILL STAND AND FIGHT!”